dr. (colorstoobright) wrote in 24_fanphone,

The return of the fanphone!

Thanks to fujieda at 24_cast for the follwing news bit:

Also, Joseph Hodges announced on the 24um that they have turned back on the fan phone, so if you didn't get a go at it the last time it was on, try again this time. He did set a few guidelines:

Ok so the phone is back on...sort of.
Here's a quick note to ensure the phone stays on...
Don't call just to see if the phone is on and then hang up... it really gets boring answering the phone just to get a hang up on.
Phone if you have question unrelated to season 5. Its a bit silly asking what's season 5 going to be about.
Don't ask who is coming back. Surely you want to be surprised.
Remember there are others trying to get through so if your up to question 10 you may want to say thanks and call back another time.
The phone is for you to tell us your opinions, not to get some information thats not readably available to the public. Its is not an electronic tabloid newspaper.
Best regards Joseph.

Good luck! And be sure to post your stories if you get through!
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