LomeiniE (2cbetter) wrote in 24_fanphone,

Back on

Does anyone know if and when they plan to turn the phone back on?
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Last I heard they did but I don't think anyone tried it or if it really was turned on again. *shrugs*
I have tried and tried and tried calling the number and all I get is a message that their mail box is full. Oh well I am going to keep trying and hopefully they'll turn the phone back on one of these days!
I hope so! I never got through last time. If anyone gets through, be sure to say congrats on the Emmys! :)
I'll try to remember to do that if I don't pass out from the shock of them answering the phone -- if I ever get through that is lol!
I heard it's on now!
Every time I call the phone all I seem to get is their voice mail box - oh well I'll keep trying and maybe I'll talk to a live person one of these days!